April 29, 2007

If You Can't Find One...

Make one.

Thanks to Aunt Kathy for sewing Personal Penguins where the teddy bears used to be.

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January 18, 2007

Rainbow Lollipop Unicorn's First Shoes

You knew I had to do it.

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October 12, 2006

My Newest Penguin

I just bought this book the other day and downloaded the song (the words in the book set to music). It has been an earworm ever since. I'm not complaining though.

You can download your own copy here.

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January 16, 2006

The Newest Member of the Wisehawk Rookery

Yes, that is a 7 foot penguin nutcracker on our patio. He was one of 50 nutcrackers displayed in downtown Seattle this Christmas season. All of the nutcrackers were auctioned on New Year's Eve, with the proceeds going to Northwest Center. This penguin, whom we call "Rico," was designed by the lovely and talented Kamilla White. (I've never met Kamilla, but she is obviously talented, and I'm sure she's lovely.)

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August 17, 2004

My New Reason to Drink

I'm not really a drinker, but I may start again because of this.

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August 02, 2004

Sewing Success!

Thanks to my dear husband, who got me over the hump of my sewing fear, I completed my first project: a penguin (are you really surprised?)

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January 04, 2004

My Penguin Dream Come True!

I got to pet a penguin!! We went to Sea World today and went on the Penguin Experience Tour. It was only an hour long, and half of that was spent at the sharks, but the 30 minutes with the penguins was great! We got to see some chicks and we got to pet a penguin. We also got to stand in the doorway of the penguin exhibit and pet more penguins! You can check out the pictures in our Wisehawk Photo Gallery.

A note for anyone planning to visit Sea World—we highly recommend you come this time of year. There were no lines, no crowds and the weather was beautiful!

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December 28, 2003

Penguin Sale!

On our way up to Wash DC last night, we stopped for dinner at one of the many Cracker Barrels on the way (for no other reason than we could—a couple of years ago CB sponsored a NASCAR race, hence my affinity for them.). For those of you on the West Coast who have not had a Cracker Barrel experience, it is a restaurant of about the same quality as Denny's, but has a convenient county store as a waiting area so they can get you coming and going.

Anyway, strolling through the store while we were waiting to be seated, I spotted some cute, soft, little penguins. They looked so lonely—I just had to take one home. As I was carrying my chosen penguin up to the register, Bob wondered out loud if they were part of the 50% off Christmas sale. When the gal at the counter announced that yes, they were and that the total was $2.49, I knew it was a true Christmas miracle! (OK, OK...I really don't think that...please don't send religious email). At 50% off, I couldn't get just one penguin...I had to get 5. You can see my newest rookery members below.
Cracker Barrel Penguins!

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November 15, 2003

Penguins are cool

Penguins are the best animals on earth, and here's why:

  1. they are always dressed for a party

  2. they are cute

  3. they are fuzzy when they are babies (super cute!)

So, as you can see by my short list above, penguins are the best animals on earth.

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