April 20, 2004

New Baby Lemons

My lemon tree continues to amaze me. After all the reading I did, I fully expected my tree to be barren for at least a year—probably more like 2 (because it is new AND because it is planted in a container AND because it is on the north side of the building). I'm trying not to get too excited because although it is covered in lemon buds, I know they won't all make it. That little tree can't possibly be strong enough to support all of them. I'm enjoying it right now though.
baby lemons

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February 29, 2004

Lemon Tree Update

Spring must be near. My lemon tree looks to be on the verge of a breakthrough.

lemon tree buds

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January 19, 2004

Oh Lemon Tree, Oh Lemon Tree

No Southern California home (or apt) is complete without a citrus tree. We want to be complete, so we bought a lemon tree. Actually, we went to Lowe's on Saturday night to get some dirt for my container—I was going to plant our little Christmas tree (18" cyprus from Home Depot) in a container on our balcony—and I saw a lady walking out with a lemon tree. I had been thinking of finding something to plant on our little balcony (in addition to the little Christmas tree...it is nice, but not very colorful), and the lemon tree looked like fun, plus, Bob is always making his delicious lemon pies, so having our own stock of lemons sounded like a good idea.

Bob & I found a healthy-looking Eureka lemon tree and brought it home. I planted it this weekend, then got online to find Eureka lemon-growing tips (yeah, I know, wrong order). The first thing I found is that we probably shouldn't have bought a Eureka lemon tree for a container—they like the real ground. Then I read conflicting information when to plant it, whether or not it will grow in a container and how many lemons it will produce. Oh well. It has 1 little lemon sprout (is that what's it's called??) right now. I am hopeful that it will survive the shock of being planted. Check back for growth updates.

lemon tree and container

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