June 24, 2004

Good Bye TiVo

We're in our new place (yah!) and things are good: plenty of parking, quiet neighbors, etc., but we have 1 problem. The way the condo is situated, it is virtually impossible for the DirecTV dish to get a clear view of the southern sky. We had to give in and get Time Warner cable instead. Yuck.

Although they have a DVR option, it isn't as easy to use as the real TiVo. And it is 30% more expensive. But the worst part of all is that we no longer get Nick 2. Now our SpongeBob and Cosby Show viewing is reduced by at least half. We're quite bummed out by this. On the up side, we do get Food Network on demand.

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Moving Accomplished

I hate moving. This time it took us a week and a half to get everything moved out and cleaned up, and that doesn't mean the new place is all tidy yet. Not by a long shot. I think this picture Bob took on day 9 of this ordeal accurately portrays my feelings about moving.

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June 05, 2004


We're leaving our over-priced, parking-challenged, 'luxury' apartments for a great condo in a neighborhood that promises to be much quieter and contains a plethora of parking; however, the best part is that this new place costs one third LESS than our current rent. Woo hoo! The landlords seem to be very cool people too. We'll be making the big move next weekend (6/12), so if you're in the area, we could use the help. ;-)

Hard to believe we have already been in San Diego for a year...

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