April 20, 2004

Bobsplanet Photos

My Sweetie has been busy posting new pictures to his gallery at bobsplanet.com. Take a look when you have a minute.

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New Baby Lemons

My lemon tree continues to amaze me. After all the reading I did, I fully expected my tree to be barren for at least a year—probably more like 2 (because it is new AND because it is planted in a container AND because it is on the north side of the building). I'm trying not to get too excited because although it is covered in lemon buds, I know they won't all make it. That little tree can't possibly be strong enough to support all of them. I'm enjoying it right now though.
baby lemons

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Garage/Storage Update

Our timing to clear out our garage couldn't have been much better (unless, of course, we had cleaned it out before Bob's car got broken into). We got a letter a couple weeks later stating the apartment manager was going to start garage inspections. Garages are for cars only. For those of you who were curious, here are some pictures of our new storage unit. It is actually even more organized than the pictures show. We have a center aisle now! Woo hoo!



P.S. Those chairs are for sale. Please buy them. ;-)

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Hospital Customer Service

I'm a bit late posting this, but I was impressed with the thank you card I received from Scripps Hospital after my ER visit on April 6 due to my swollen ankle. It looks like the Admitting Dept and the nurse both signed it, and the nurse even said "...hope you are able to make it to Disneyland." I had expressed concern that my ankle would prevent me from our Disneyland trip. Impressive.

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April 11, 2004

The Happiest Place on Earth

We just returned from a weekend at Disneyland (picts here). Each time I go, D-Land seems smaller and smaller. When I went for the first time at age 8, it seemed like its own planet...everything was so big. Now, of course, I realize EVERYTHING is big when you're 8.

We have decided that the next time we go, we will go in January. We are assuming the crowds will be a lot smaller then. The Fastpasses help, but the lines are still unacceptably long. We were there 9 hours on Saturday and managed to get on 6 rides. I'll even throw in the 3 exhibits/shows we saw. That means each ride/show costs $5.53. Keep in mind, each ride/show is around 3 minutes. On Saturday, we went to California Adventrure (which Bob & I have decided is better...more rides for big kids). We rode 6 rides there.
Now, I do have to admit, we used the Southern CA 2for1 passes, so we got into both D-Land and CA for the same price of $49.75. So, if you do all the math (and please check me, I'm not a math major), the rides now work out to $3.32 per ride. A bit more acceptable. Too bad that 2for1 special is only available once a year, and only for So Cal residents.

All in all though, we had fun. The weather was great (on Friday), the atmosphere was nice, and the company was excellent!

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April 06, 2004

Happy Birthday

It's my birthday today. I'm really old.

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