March 24, 2004

No More Monkey

I admit I'm a little slow, but for those of you slower than I, here's an update: Webmonkey is no more. Now I have to find a new resource for all my web-related questions. Bummer.

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March 12, 2004

Our Weekend Project

After the unfortunate incident with the "local kids," we decided it would be best to empty out the garage so we can put Bob's car in it. This is how we are going to be spending our weekend. We have rented a 24' truck and will be aiming to do it all in a day. Wish us luck.


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Just 'Local Kids'

This is what greeted Bob as he went to work on Thursday morning: Bob's car
A passerby (likely a rocket scientist, or maybe a junior detective in training) informed us that is was "probably just some local kids." Gee, like THAT made me feel better. Sure glad it wasn't real professionals. Apparently they used a rock to break the window, then ripped out the stereo and took a good flashlight from the glove compartment (the nerve!). They also tried to get into the trunk, but we don't think they got anything. The window was replaced today, and the stereo will likely get replaced next week. So much for living in the 'safe' part of town.

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March 07, 2004

New PC Game

My homework has been suffering this weekend because Bob & I are playing a new (to us) game: Rise of Nations. It's a bit of Age of Empires and Civilization rolled into one. Great game. Our enjoyment playing Age of Empires was one of the things that attracted us to each other when we met.

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